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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should our family choose Camp Saginaw?

We work hard to promote positive social growth in a safe and nurturing environment. Since 1927, we have been successfully watching children grow from first-time campers into staff members. Our camper return rate is off the charts, and this is a direct reflection of our camping environment. No matter where you go or who you talk to, you will find a Camp Saginaw alumni who has wonderful things to say about their summers at Saginaw. Simply put, providing campers with awesome summers is what we do!

Can I come and take a tour Camp Saginaw?

Absolutely! We would be thrilled to give your family a private tour of camp. Please email: or call our office and we will set it up: 888-477-CAMP (2267). We also offer an introduction to camp called “Rookie Day” for new campers entering 1st through 5th grades. For more information on our Rookie Day program click here.

Where is Camp Saginaw?

Camp Saginaw is located in Chester County, PA on over 400 beautiful, private, wooded acres - an ideal site for summer camp. We are appoximately one hour south of Philadelphia, PA, and one hour north of Baltimore, MD. There is only one entrance in and one entrance out of camp, and we have no public roads going through our property.

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I see that you have sessions. What are the benefits of a session camp vs. a full season camp?

Sessions give you and your family flexibility in camping. Younger campers and families do not have to commit to a full seven weeks. As the years go by, other commitments may affect your summer, and sessions allow you to have the best of both worlds. Children can come to camp and still be able to go on a family vacation, attend athletic commitments, and whatever else may come up. Our program is based on a full season camp, so there is no repeat of events from the first session to the second session.

What are the sessions and how long do they run?

Please visit our Dates and Rates page for session and tuition info, incuding discounts.

What fees will I have to pay other than tuition at Camp Saginaw?

We offer a variety of optional private lessons, including golf, tennis, waterskiing, gymnastics, and tutoring, all of which require additional fees. Also, campers will need spending money for out-of-camp trips (movies, bowling, Hershey Park, etc). Campers are required to have four Saginaw t-shirts (two red and two blue), as well as one reversible athletic jersey. Finally, we charge a fee for optional baggage transport to and from camp (you are welcome to drive the baggage to camp for free).

Where do Camp Saginaw campers come from?

Our campers come from all over the world! The majority come from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington DC. We have a good population of campers from New York and Florida - as well as other locations throughout the United States - and even some international campers.

How will my child get to Camp Saginaw?

We strongly encourage you to send your child to camp on our complimentary buses. For many campers, the excitement of the summer, making new friends, and renewing old friendships begins with this bus ride. Some locations do not have bus transportation. In this case, you will drop your child off at camp. If you drive your child to camp, please understand that you will say goodbye in the parking lot, and a counselor will escort your child to his or her bunk. We do not allow parents to enter bunks and unpack campers. This allows campers and staff to foster a community of teamwork and trust from day one.

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Can campers choose their activities at Camp Saginaw?

Yes, campers participate in at least one elective per day, and they make new elective choices every three days. As campers get older, they have more choice in their schedule.

How does Camp Saginaw determine bunks for campers?

Bunking begins in June. We consider four factors when bunking campers:

  • Bunk requests
  • Number of years at camp
  • Session length
  • Prior year groupings

Parents are provided with a bunk request form during the enrollment process. We guarantee that we will honor all bunk requests unless we determine that there is a concern. In that case, we will call you to discuss the situation, and we will work together to reach a decision. All bunks have approximately 8-12 campers and two or three staff members.

Does Camp Saginaw have medical staff and a Health Center?

Yes, the Health Center is staffed by experienced nurses and doctors. The medical staff is available 24 hours a day and understands the unique nature of healthcare in the camp setting.

How is laundry handled at Camp Saginaw?

Once per week, laundry will be picked up at the camper’s bunk. It will be washed and folded at camp in our laundry facility and returned to the bunk the next day.

What is the cell phone policy at Camp Saginaw?

Campers may not have cell phones in camp, with the exception of our oldest campers (entering 11th grade). These campers will keep their phones in our office and will only have access to their phones for 1 hour a week.

Staff members are not permitted to use their cell phones in the presence of campers.

What is the technology policy at Camp Saginaw?

We want our campers “unplugged” for the summer. We do not permit electronics in camp that have phone, video, gaming, or application capabilities. This includes, but is not limited to: iPhones, iPads, Nooks, eReaders, Kindles, and PSP or Nintendo DS gaming systems. We allow devices that play music only (classic iPods, MP3 players), or iPod Touches that have all apps removed and wifi disabled. We also allow cameras at camp.

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What is the package policy at Camp Saginaw?

We allow items that can fit into a flat 9″ × 12″ manila envelope. Letters, pictures, magazines, stickers, stationery, Mad Libs (and the like), puzzles books, and newspapers are permitted and encouraged. No box packages or food items are permitted to be sent to camp. We ask that parents inform all family members of this policy. We discard all food packages because this creates competition and unnecessary clutter in the bunks, as well as the potential for bugs. The following are the only exceptions:

  • Birthdays: If your child has a birthday during his or her camp session, you may send ONE package. You can also plan a pizza party for your child’s bunk. Simply call our office, and we will arrange it for you – birthdays at camp are so fun! Oh, and did we mention that campers get a birthday call home too…?
  • Forgotten Items: If you forget to send something that your child needs (sporting equipment, glasses, toiletries, clothing, etc.), you may send these items. Please call our office to let us know that your package will be on the way.

How do campers communicate with their families while at Camp Saginaw?

Campers are required to write home three times a week. Parents may write or email their children on a regular basis. Saginaw also posts photos and videos on a secure site that parents may access throughout the summer.

How does Camp Saginaw manage homesickness?

We understand that homesickness is normal for campers, especially our younger and new campers. We educate and train our staff on how to manage homesickness. Homesickness is most common in the first few days of camp. During this time, our Directors and Head Counselors monitor all campers closely. We believe in open and honest communication with parents. If your child is homesick, we will call you, discuss the situation, and create an action plan.

Additionally, Camp Saginaw has two Guidance Counselors (one for boys camp and one for girls camp) who work closely with all campers and act as a liaison between the camper and the parent. Their sole job is monitoring the emotional welfare of each child in camp. Further, if you are a new camper family, you will receive a phone call from one of our Guidance Counselors during the first few days of camp. We want to make sure you know how your child is adjusting!