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Special Events

At Saginaw, some of our most fun days are our Special Schedule days. These often start with a late wake-up and will include Big/Little day (this is when an older camper is paired with a younger camper and they spend time together), Water Carnivals, Photo and Video Day, and parent Visiting Days.

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Two spectacular Saginaw events are College Days and Color War. These two events bring our campers together in spirited competition.

College Days is a 3-day competition held during our first half that features two of our favorite, all-camp, coed events - the rope burn and the medley. Credits are accumulated throughout the competition, and each college is run by counselor captains called Deans and Professors. The final Graduation Ceremony includes a cheer from the Freshmen (Juniors), a pennant from the Sophomores (Inters), and a mascot from the Seniors (Seniors).

Without a doubt, there is no activity more anticipated than Color War! This 4-day event held in the second half of the summer divides the camp into two teams representing our camp colors of Red and Blue. The beginning of Color War is a surprise (known as the “Break”) and so are the themes. The competition stresses good sportsmanship as the campers participate in a wide range of activities including sports, swimming, and dance competitions. The event culminates with Songfest and the revealing of the Color War murals.