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We pride ourselves in quality athletic instruction on fantastic facilities with the best equipment. Every camper is on a league team and will have an opportunity to improve their game through direct instruction and competitive play. While winning is great, sportsmanship and teamwork are two key components of the Saginaw athletic program. We believe that it is important to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment and, of course, to try your best!

Baseball and softball

Batting, fielding ground balls, catching pop-ups, and turning double plays are just a few of the skills that our Athletic Directors teach on the fields. We maintain team records and statistics in a fun and competitive atmosphere. Camp Saginaw boasts six well-maintained baseball fields.


Camp Saginaw proudly offers 8 full-size basketball courts, in addition to 2 shortened courts with rims that can adjust to six or eight feet. Five courts are fully covered, allowing campers to continue to play even in inclement weather. Dribbling, passing, lay-ups, foul shots, and positioning are skills that are taught during forty-five minute sessions. Basketball pickup games are often a favorite activity during downtime.

Flag Football

Saginaw’s flag football program is offered as an elective, and as a league sport for certain age groups. Flag football is also offered during special days throughout the summer, such as College Days and Color War. We love seeing our campers’ touchdown celebrations!


Saginaw has several covered gaga courts throughout camp. Our courts are complete with rubber floors - not sand or dirt. Gaga is played during free time and we also have competitions during College Days and Color war. Don’t forget your gaga gloves!


Saginaw offers golf instruction in three areas: a bunk activity and elective, optional in-camp private and semi-private lessons, and optional out-of-camp lessons at the award-winning Wyncote Golf Club. Our golf specialist focuses on skill development at our driving range, which is complete with a putting green. Campers learn proper techniques in grip, swing, and follow through.


Saginaw’s gymnastics program is taught by qualified instructors. Our gymnastics center is complete with a Tumbl Trak, balance beams, uneven bars, a pommel horse, parallel bars, a trampoline, and a variety of specialized mats. Gymnastics is offered as a bunk activity and elective and we also offer optional private and semi-private gymnastics lessons.


At Saginaw, hockey is a popular sport and campers approach the game with spirit and enthusiasm. Stick handling, passing, shooting on goal, and positioning are skills that our Athletic Directors focus on with our campers. Saginaw has seven hockey courts and three of these are fully covered.


Our martial arts program utilizes both traditional and modern techniques. Classes incorporate discipline, physical education, and self-defense into a fun, inclusive, and non-intimidating program. For some, the class is a great introduction to the world of martial arts. Others find the class helpful in keeping their existing skills sharp.


A popular sport for many of our younger campers, our soccer leagues incorporate dribbling, passing, shooting, and positioning on one of our four full-size soccer fields. Skill building, drills, and games are played in all age groups. Team records and statistics are kept.


Tennis is a bunk activity and an elective. Campers that would like additional time on the courts can sign up for private and semi-private tennis lessons on our five regulation courts. Our tennis specialists teach skills including forehand, backhand, serving, and scoring.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee at Saginaw is offered as an elective. It is also offered during special days throughout the summer, such as College Days and Color War. Campers can also set up and use the Ultimate frisbee course during their downtime.

Volleyball & Newcomb

Setting, spiking, serving, and positioning are skills that our Athletic Directors teach at our courts. Our Junior campers learn volleyball basics through the game of newcomb. Saginaw has two grass volleyball courts, and and one concrete court.

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