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Facilities & Camp Map

At Camp Saginaw, we are proud of our facilities and are always making upgrades to ensure our status as a premier overnight camp. Further, Saginaw is a private facility nestled in between farmland and natural borders. There are no public roads running through Camp Saginaw.

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Main Facilities

  • Cabins: All of our 45 modern-day cabins include wooden platform beds and full bathrooms with at least two toilets, two showers, and two sinks. Each bed also has a cubby and an electrical outlet next to it.

  • Dining Hall: Our air-conditioned Dining Hall is in the center of camp and is where the camp comes together for meals.

  • The Dell: With its amphitheater-style seating for over 600, The Dell is the home to many camp-wide outdoor activities such as talent shows and Mr. & Miss. Saginaw.

  • Saniford Hall: Complete with updated sound and lighting systems, this is where we have our camp show (i.e. Annie or Beauty and the Beast), Color War songfest, dances, and other all-camp events.

  • Health Center: Our modern Health Center, which has a full-time staff of nurses and doctors 24 hours a day, is air-conditioned and includes nine private rooms.

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Other Facilities

  • Pappy Pavilion: Along with camp dances, Pappy Pavilion is also the place for many indoor evening activities. With its multi-sport design and scoreboard, Pappy is also the home for championship hockey and basketball games.
  • Canteen: The canteen is the evening social area complete with a snack bar, fireplace, games, and a large flat screen TV.
  • The Grove: This popular hangout area is where we eat during cookout meals. It’s also a space for campers to hang out during their downtime or during Canteen.
  • Overnight Site: Campers love to trek out here for overnights. Who wouldn’t love eating s’mores and singing campfire songs with their best friends?
  • The Lodge: An air conditioned building that seats 120 people, this building is used primarily for our Day Camp and for smaller evening divisional events, such as movies or a spa night.

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Saginaw’s extensive athletic facilities include: ten basketball courts, six baseball/softball fields, four soccer fields, three volleyball courts, and seven fully boarded and lined hockey courts for street hockey.

Other Athletic Facilities

  • Herbie Cohen Coliseum: This open-air, covered athletic complex consists of three basketball courts and one hockey arena.
  • Gymnastics Pavilion: This massive 7,200 square foot facility is home to our gymnastics program, and includes elements such as a Tumbl Trak, beams, bars, a pommel horse, trampoline, and various mats.
  • Golf: Saginaw’s golf program features a driving range and separate mini-golf course.
  • Gaga Courts: Popular among our younger campers, we have four fully covered Gaga courts at Saginaw.

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  • Art Center: Camp Saginaw has a comprehensive Arts & Crafts Center. Our Art Center consists of fifteen rooms - each dedicated to a specific activity, such as ceramics, woodworking, sewing, and rocketry.
  • Art Annex: This space - across from our main art center - consists of a karate studio with a mat floor, a silk-screening room, a STEM facility, and a state-of-the-art culinary arts room.
  • Dance Studio: Connected to our Art Center, the dance studio is complete with a sprung wooden dance floor, mirrors from floor to ceiling, a complete sound system, and a flat screen TV.


  • Lake: Waterskiing, wakeboarding, and lake tubing - as well as fishing and other nature-based activities - are located at the lake.
  • Pools: Our aquatic complex consists of two pools and a twisty water slide. Campers enjoy instructional swim in the morning and coed-free swim in the afternoons. Our pools are fully lit and have a sound system for evening pool parties.
  • Big Elk Creek: This beautiful natural reservoir is perfect for canoeing and kayaking, and for nature stream hikes.

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  • Adventure Course: Our adventure course consists of four main elements: an Aerial Adventure self-belay course, a 60’ climbing wall, a 100 yard zip line, and a multi-element high and low ropes course.
  • ATVs: Our ATV area contains two tracks - one being smaller and easier for our beginners.
  • Dirt Bikes: We have a large, wide-open dirt bike track that allows our campers the space to practice their skills.
  • Go Karts: Our Go Karts track is designed with fun in mind. With timed laps, it’s always fun to see who wins!

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