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Staff FAQs

Where is Camp Saginaw?

Camp Saginaw is located in Chester County, PA on over 400 beautiful, private, wooded acres - an ideal site for summer camp. We are appoximately one hour south of Philadelphia, PA, and one hour north of Baltimore, MD.

How many campers are there?

Saginaw has approximately 200 boys and 200 girls.

What age groups are represented?

There are three divisions in camp; Juniors (6-10 years old, entering 1st-5th grades), Inters (11-12 years old, entering 6th-7th grades) and Seniors (13-16 years old, entering 8th-11th grades). Each division has a Division Leader who is in charge of all campers and staff in their respective division.

Do camp counselors live in cabins?

Yes! Supervision is extremely important at a summer camp for kids. There are typically three staff members in every cabin, consisting of two counselors and one specialist. Each cabin has approximately 8-12 campers.

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What do I bring with me?

We will send you a packing list that will give you a great basis for what to pack. We are not a uniform camp, so you will be able to wear your own clothes. However, we will give you two staff shirts that you will need to wear on certain days. You’ll definitely need some comfortable sneakers/trainers/tennis shoes to wear each day as well. If you want to buy any Saginaw apparel, you can visit our clothier, The Camp Spot. This is not required, but they do have cool stuff (and they’ll ship it right to camp!)

Does camp provide linens? What size beds are at camp?

Camp will provide linens (sheets, pillow, towels) for all international staff, and for American staff that are flying to camp. All other staff should bring their own linens to fit twin-sized beds.

How does the staff laundry work?

Each cabin has their laundry washed once a week. All laundry is done in-house and returned the next day. Staff may either include their laundry with their bunk or utilize our coin-operated staff laundry facilities (you will need to bring your own detergent).

What is the weather like?

It’s definitely hot at camp. Most days are going to be around 80-85°F (25-30°C). It is often humid as well. At night, it does cool down, but it does not get cold. Some days, there might be a short afternoon rain shower.

Is there a staff orientation?

Yes, all staff arrive to camp 5 or 6 days before the campers do. During that time, we will train you on how to be a great staff member at Camp Saginaw. This will include sessions with your supervisors, role-playing, emergency procedures training, and more. Specialists will also spend time getting their activity area set up and ready to run. And - of course - we will also have fun and get to know each other! It’s important for all our staff to feel comfortable and prepared for their summer experience.

How do I get to camp?

You can drive yourself to camp and keep your car here. You can also take a bus to Phildadelphia where we will pick you up and drive you to camp.

If you are flying to camp, it’s easiest to fly into the Philadelphia International Airport. We will pick you up there and drive you to camp. You could also fly into New York. If you do that, you will then need to take a bus to Philadelphia where we will pick you up.

We do multiple pickups at the Philadelphia airport and Phildelphia bus station before Orientation begins. We will share these pick-up times with you before you book your travel.

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What is a typical day like at Camp Saginaw?

Each day will vary a little bit, and your exact schedule will depend on your position at camp. But generally, you will wake up at 7:30am. After breakfast, there are 3 activity periods. Then, there is lunch followed by a rest period. The afternoon consists of 3-4 activity periods, followed by shower time. After dinner, there is always a fun evening activity, and some divisional Canteen time - which is a great time to relax and hang out.

How do evenings work for Staff?

Most nights, staff will attend evening activities with their campers. Approximately 2-3 times a week, you will be on night duty for your bunk, which means you return to the bunk after evening activity and are “in” for the night. On nights when you are not on duty, you are permitted to leave camp after evening activity (around 9-9:30pm) and return by curfew, which is midnight. You will also receive approximately one night off per week (which means you can depart camp at 7:00pm) and return by curfew. All staff are required to attend Sunday night staff meetings, which are all-in nights.

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How many days off do I receive during the summer?

You will receive 2¼ consecutive days off during the first four weeks (2 days and 2 nights together), and 2¼ consecutive days off during the last three weeks, totaling 4½ days throughout the summer.

Does the camp provide transportation for days off?

Yes, camp will provide transportation to the Wilmington, Delaware bus station. From there, you will be able to take a bus to Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC, Atlantic City, and many other locations.

How often do I get paid? Can I receive an advance on my salary?

All staff will be paid at the end of camp. However, during the summer - at two designated times - you may request two pay advances in the amount of $200 each.

Can I receive internship/college credit for working at Saginaw?

If your college or university offers college or internship credits for your work at Saginaw, we will work with you to complete the process. Staff are responsible to bring the necessary paperwork.

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Do I need to fill out medical forms?

Yes, all staff members are required to send medical forms to camp prior to their arrival. International staff will also receive medical forms from their respective agencies – which they must complete – and send a copy to us.

Current staff can find and complete their staff forms in our CampInTouch portal.

Do I have access to the Internet?

Yes, there is free Wifi access for the staff.

What is the cell phone policy for staff?

We want our staff members to be engaged with the campers and each other - not with their phones. However, we know that you’ll want to check in with family and friends back home - as well as post on social media about how much fun you’re having! During your time off (and only then), you can use your phone or iPad in approved locations only. During working hours, your phone/iPad must be kept in a staff locker (that has an outlet for charging).

What is the camp’s policy on drugs and alcohol?

Camp has a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol, as well as for cigarattes, e-cigarettes, or vaping. The use of any substance on camp property – or returning to camp in an intoxicated state – will result in immediate dismissal.

Good luck with your summer job search - we hope to see you as part of the Camp Saginaw family!