Privacy Policy

We understand that you want Camp Saginaw to respect your personal privacy, and that of your children. We would like to share our privacy policies with you.

Who will you share information with?

Camp Saginaw operates this website to share information with our prospective camp parents, current camp parents, campers, alumnae and staff. We ask that all parents work with their children to understand the Internet, and to use our site appropriately. In addition, we retain the services of CampMinder who helps us manage our camp record keeping. If you use the features of CampMinder from our site they have their own privacy policy.

What information do you store?

We store on our site comments on news posted by our users, and we try to carefully moderate the discussions on the site. When users post we request their first name and e-mail address, and include the first name with the comment. We also record the comment posters’ Internet address. We ask parents to ensure that their children just use a first name in this spot, and help us make sure comments are appropriate. We also keep track of visitors on our site to make it easier for users to make comments and personalize our site, as well as to make improvements to our site. We maintain fairly typical security measures to protect this information.

How do I access my information?

You can access your information on our site, or contact us if you need some help. We will never sell your personal information to other parties. We also don’t share your personal information with other parties, except with certain vendors and service providers such as CampMinder.

I’ve got a question about privacy.

If you have corrections, requests to have information removed or need any further information please let us help you. Please call us at 888-477-CAMP or e-mail us at . You may also write to us at Camp Saginaw, 125 N. Burnt Mill Road, Suite 200, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003.