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Employment & Staff

Looking for a rewarding summer camp job?

Whether it’s a bunk counselor or a specialist, Camp Saginaw offers many summer camp jobs and internships. We’re proud of our excellent and diverse staff, and are committed to offering the best camping experience possible for our campers. In order to reach this goal, we only hire quality staff that have a sincere interest in making a positive influence in a child’s life.

Fun! That is a word normally associated as a goal for the campers. However, at Camp Saginaw, we also want make sure that your summer camp employment is FUN as well. Throughout the summer, there are many staff activities and nights out in which we encourage our staff to have a good time.

Along with many locations in the United States, our summer camp counselors and specialists originate from all over the world. In addition to having the summer of your life, we can also help you further your career with letters of recommendations, and resume optimization services. A summer camp position can look great on your resume if it is written properly.