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Creativity, innovation, and self-expression are the main objectives of Saginaw’s arts program. Through a variety of media, campers are able to strengthen existing skills and explore new ones with qualified instructors. Our talented art staff encourage campers to explore their skills in both the visual and performing arts.

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts projects are designed to offer fun and enjoyable artistic programming to our already extensive overnight camp program. Our Arts & Crafts room is run by two full time art instructors and is overseen by our Art Director. Arts & Crafts is offered as a bunk activity and as an elective to all girls at Saginaw.

Ceramics Hand Building

Ceramics Hand Building projects may include piggy banks, jewelry boxes, charms, and figurines. Projects are glazed and fired in our kiln so that campers may take their project home with them at the end of the summer. Hand Building is offered as an elective.

Ceramics Wheel

Campers practice and develop their skills on our pottery wheels, complete with foot pedals, in this popular elective. The wheel room was designed with the individual camper in mind. Each camper has his or her own workstation and wheel. Completed projects are glazed and fired in our kiln so that campers may take their project home with them.

Culinary Arts

Our Culinary Arts program is offered as a bunk activity to all campers and allows them to gain hands-on cooking experience. Campers learn how to make delicious items such as gourmet pancakes with fresh blueberry syrup, cake pops, and creamy macaroni and cheese. Our professional kitchen provides campers the perfect space to work together to create culinary delights and, best of all, to taste the final product.


Dance at Saginaw is high energy and action packed! Our dance program consists of Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Modern Dance. Our studio is state-of-the-art with a sprung hardwood floor and floor to ceiling mirrors. Come perfect your Dance routine! Dance is offered as a bunk activity and as an elective to the girls at Saginaw.

Digital Photography

Campers learn how to take quality photos, as well as edit them utilizing tools from Adobe Photoshop. Students can select and edit a digital background or add objects and other images. “Green Screen” technology allows campers to “transform” themselves in the edited photo. Each completed project is a unique work of art, and everyone enjoys taking home photos of their “wild summer adventures” at Saginaw! Digital Photography is offered as an elective to all Saginaw divisions.

Dude Craft

Dude Craft is offered as a bunk activity for the Junior boys at Saginaw, giving them the opportunity to participate in an art-based activity. Projects are designed to offer fun and creative programming while allowing the boys to explore their artistic side. Our Dude Craft room is run by one of our highly qualified art instructors and is overseen by our Art Director.

Fine Arts

Another excellent elective at Saginaw is Fine Arts. This program offers campers the opportunity to work with paints, pastels, water colors, pencils, and charcoal. Projects are designed to develop artistic skills, as well as to learn art theory and techniques. Projects may be modeled after an artist, allowing campers to gain a better understanding of different artistic movements ranging from Realism to Impressionism.

Jewelry Making

Campers create and design bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and various other accessories using techniques such as braiding, beading, and embellishment. Jewelry is offered as a bunk activity and as an elective for girls.

Media (digital video)

In Media, campers are given the opportunity to film, edit, and produce a video. The campers’ creativity flows freely in our state-of-the-art media room. Campers produce news stories, commercials, music videos, and more. The videos are uploaded to our secure CampInTouch server for parents to view online. Media is offered as an elective to all campers at Saginaw.


Campers build, paint, and decorate a rocket as part of their elective period. Campers cannot wait until they are able to launch their rockets, making this a favorite elective for Junior and Inter campers.


Scrapbooking focuses on a variety of projects centered around different paper crafting techniques. Campers can incorporate photographs as part of their projects as well. Campers have made items ranging from bookmarks to embellished notebooks as part of this bunk activity.


A popular elective for girls, sewing gives campers the opportunity to create projects at their own skill level. Campers use sewing machines as well as hand stitching techniques to create projects such as bags, blankets, pillows, and headbands. We have a fully stocked sewing room with a variety of fabrics, threads, and decorative embellishments for the campers to select and use for their projects.

Silk Screening

In our Silk Screening program, campers design, color, and produce a t-shirt. This is a camper favorite at Saginaw because they leave with their own brand-new shirt! Silk Screening is offered as an elective to all campers at Saginaw.


Every summer, our Theatre program produces at least one full production. Examples of past productions include Annie, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast. Campers act, dance, and sing in our productions, and they also assist with set construction, lighting, and sound. We are constantly amazed by the talent of our campers at Saginaw. Theatre is offered as a bunk activity and as an elective to campers at Saginaw.


Woodworking is a very popular elective for our campers. Using hand tools, as well as lathes and circular saws, our campers make a variety of projects including pens, cutting boards, bagel slicers, tool boxes, and candlesticks. Safety is the number one priority in our woodshop, and our trained specialist helps our campers with their fabulous finished products.

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