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Camp Life

Fun Fun Fun

From wake-up to bed time, our passion is to make sure you are having the time of your life. We start our day with reveille, followed by line-up time to go over important information for the day - and then it’s GO-GO-GO. Along the way you will laugh, smile, play hard, try new things, learn, and most of all make some of the best friends of your life!

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Our Program

Camp Saginaw offers a liberal arts-style summer camp program. Our daily program is designed to offer campers a wide array of activities and experiences. In addition to swimming and athletics, campers will have the opportunity to try our other amazing activities, including adventure-based and art-based programming.

Additionally, we recognize that each age group can have different skill levels and developmental needs. We organize our campers according to their upcoming school grade, allowing them to participate in age-appropriate activities. This gives us an opportunity to offer progressive programming to our campers.


Camp Saginaw designates six distinct divisions in camp:

Girls Camp Boys Camp
Junior Girls (1st to 5th grades): Blazing Stars Junior Boys (1st to 5th grades): Wolves
Inter Girls (6th to 7th grades): Rainbow Girls Inter Boys (6th to 7th grades): Bears
Senior Girls (8th to 11th grades): Doves Senior Boys (8th to 11th grades): Hawks
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At Saginaw, we love to show our spirit! Whether it’s by wearing our camp colors - Red and Blue, or by representing our division, or by just wearing fun costumes, we love any reason to get dressed up.

Every day at Saginaw is spirit day!