Staff FAQs

Where is Camp Saginaw?

Saginaw is located one hour south of Philadelphia and one hour north of Baltimore, in Chester County, Pennsylvania on over 300 beautiful wooded acres – a site that is perfect for summer camp.

How many campers are there?

Saginaw has approximately 200 boys and 200 girls.

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Third-Year Camper

Do camp counselors live in cabins?

Yes! Supervision is extremely important at a summer camp for kids. There are at least three staff members in every cabin, typically consisting of two counselors and one specialist. Each cabin has approximately 8-12 campers.

How many days off do I receive during the summer?

You will receive 2¼ consecutive days off during the first four weeks, and 2¼ consecutive days off during the second four weeks, totaling 4½ days throughout the summer.

How often do I get paid? Can I receive an advance on my salary?

Checks are distributed on the last day of camp. However, you may request two pay advances, in the amount of $200 each.

How do I get to camp as an international staff member once I arrive in the U.S.?

Along with work staff at Saginaw get to play too!

The international staffing agency will determine your travel arrangements. Some agencies arrange all of your travel and some agencies give you the option to arrange your own travel. Either way, we will facilitate your travel to camp from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania airport or Wilmington, Delaware bus station. If you are an American staff member traveling within the United States, we will also facilitate transportation from the Philadelphia Airport or Wilmington, Delaware bus and train stations.

Do I need to fill-out medical forms?

Yes, all staff members are required to send medical forms to camp prior to their arrival. International staff will also receive medical forms from their respective agencies which they must complete.

Do I have access to the Internet?

Yes, there is free Internet access for the staff.

What age groups are represented?

Saginaw is a sleep away camp for children 6-16 years-old. There are three divisions in camp; Juniors (6-10 years-old entering 1st-5th grade), Inters (11 & 12 years-old entering 6th & 7th grade ) and Seniors (13-16 years-old entering 8th -11th grade).

Does the camp provide transportation for days off?

On certain designated days during the summer, camp will provide a bus to transport staff to the Wilmington, Delaware Bus Station.

Is there a staff orientation?

Yes, there is a five-day staff orientation.

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Second-Year Staffer

How does the staff laundry work?

Each cabin has their laundry washed once a week. All laundry is done in-house and returned the next day. Staff may either include their laundry with their bunk or utilize the complimentary staff laundry facilities.

Does camp provide linens and what size beds are at camp?

Camp provides linens for all international staff. All other staff should bring their own linens to fit twin sized beds.

Can I receive internship/college credit for working at Saginaw?

If your college or university offers college or internship credits for your work at Saginaw, we will work with you to complete the process. Staff are responsible to bring the necessary paperwork.

What is the camp’s policy on drugs and alcohol?

Camp has a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol. The use of either substance in camp will result in immediate dismissal.

What is the cell phone policy for staff?

Staff are permitted to use their cell phones in the parking lot area or just outside the staff lounge when they are off duty. Cell phones are not to be used in the presence of the campers, and campers are not permitted to use staff cell phones. All cell phones and chargers will be kept in lockers located in the staff internet room.

Is staff Special Tuition Refundable?

As staff, the special tuition you pay for your camper(s) to attend camp is a non-refundable item. No exceptions are made to this policy.

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740 Saginaw Road Oxford, PA 19363

 • p: 610-932-8467 • f: 610-932-3313


125 N. Burnt Mill Road Suite 200 Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

 • p: 856-428-6256 • f: 856-428-6289


888-477-CAMP (2267)

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