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The Herb Cohen Memorial Fund

The Herb Cohen Memorial Fund was established in memory of Herb Cohen, who had a profound influence on everyone who attended camp, whether camper or counselor, during his 42 years at Saginaw. Herb felt strongly that all children should have the opportunity to attend summer camp. To that end, one of the goals of the Fund is to provide support for children, who otherwise would not be able to attend Camp Saginaw.

On Behalf of the Board

Dear Saginaw Friends and Fellow Alumni,

Everything I ever learned about working with people I learned at camp. I learned how to be part of a group and how to move forward when I didn’t get my way. I learned that sometimes I have to do things that may not be my first choice but I need to do them because they are important to a group of people that mean something to me. I see now that leadership opportunities like being a Color War, Goofy Day or Big Wig Day captain, or even something as simple as helping a new camper feel more comfortable were the stepping stones to becoming a leader, a valuable member of a business team, and most importantly, a compassionate parent.


I still spend my summers at Saginaw as the Director of the Health Center (the new PC term for Infirmary). I watch today’s campers every day as they have the same treasured experiences we had. I watch them strengthen bonds of friendship that nothing can break. I know they will keep in touch with those friends throughout their lives and that they will be there for each other even in the worst of life experiences just like my camp friends are there for me. I particularly enjoy watching former campers become counselors and take initial steps toward adulthood, further developing those same skills that I also learned at Saginaw as a child.

No one more clearly understood the impact that summer camping can have on youth than “Uncle Herbie”. His entire life was spent working with children, both those fortunate enough to have been able to attend camp as we were, as well as children with profound emotional and physical challenges. His memory and what he stood for impacts so many of our lives to this day. Many younger Saginaw alumni did not have the opportunity to meet Herbie but his presence is still felt around camp. We talk all summer long about camp spirit and people like Herbie who created traditions that still exist today.

The Herb Cohen Memorial Fund was created by Saginaw alumni to assist families wishing to provide their kids with the same life changing camp experience we had. The children come from families like ours; however, these families are struggling with situations that make it difficult to afford camp such as financial trouble, divorce, ill health and deaths in the family. Scholarships from the fund have helped both new camper families as well as experienced campers whose family situations have changed such that continued attendance at camp (no matter how much they wish to) would place the family in a dire financial situation.

With your donation the fund is able to lift spirits and help children mature into young adults, while providing a sense of warmth, community and comfort to families in need. None of these children would have been able to enjoy the camp experience were it not for the Herb Cohen Memorial Fund. Even a small gift to the fund makes a difference. The Petkov family, current owners of Camp Saginaw, is invested in keeping the Saginaw spirit and Herb’s memory alive. They have generously matched every scholarship dollar that the Herb Cohen Memorial Fund has raised. Throughout this holiday season I hope you can take a minute to reflect on the positive impact that Saginaw has had on your life. Help us to provide that experience for so many others who are not as fortunate by donating as generously as you can. We are grateful to you in advance for your support of these children. What a difference that magical place, Camp Saginaw, has made for all of us. Help us pass it on!

With much love,

Beth Chalick-Kaplan

On behalf of the Herb Cohen Memorial Board of Directors

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