Navy for the win!

College days officially came to a close last night at our “Graduation Ceremony.” The camp was divided into two teams; the Army Black Knights versus the Navy Midshipmen. We began with a rope burn that was one of our fastest yet. The Army team got a strong lead, breaking their rope in under 13 minutes! Throughout the past two days, all campers competed in athletic events, such as hockey, volleyball, soccer, basketball, flag football, and softball games, as well as track meets, swim meets, fishing contests, spelling bees, and more.

We had a great coed medley, where each camper was placed at a different activity and once they completed their task, a Senior runner from their team ran to the next activity for that group of campers to start. Some of these activities included a relay race, foul shot competitions, piggy back races in the pool, water balloon volleyball, overhead/under-leg relay, and many, many more. At the end of the final event, campers lined up to complete the secret challenge that was presented to them once their whole team was in attendance. The teams went back and forth with the lead the entire time, but Navy took the win in the end.

During the Graduation Ceremony last night, all of the Junior campers on each team created a cheer and presented it to the entire camp. The cheers were judged on clarity, unity, choreography and creativity. Both teams were awesome. Some of our Inter campers had the opportunity to create a pennant that represented their teams – and they both looked amazing. The pennants were judged on design, aesthetic, presentation, and professionalism. These pennants will be hung up around camp for years to come so all can remember this amazing College Days. Our Senior campers had the opportunity to create a mascot that also represented their teams. Each team nominated a member of their team as the mascot, and they were painted from head to toe. These mascots were judged on resourcefulness and creativity. It was very hard to pick between the Black Knight and the Midshipman.

Throughout the entire competition, we loved seeing all of our campers decked out in their team colors, cheering loudly and showing off all of that Saginaw spirit.

This week we are looking forward to our Dorney Park trip, Inter Camp Games against Camp Nock-a-Mixon, and Visiting Day!