Special Events


At Saginaw, not only do we fill our days with incredible activities, but the nights are jammed packed too. Our evening activities include many summer camp events such as talent shows, drive-in movies on our giant blow-up movie screen, “Know Your Counselor” and “Night at the Races”. Several nights during the summer we bring in DJ’s for camp dance parties. A variety of professional performers come to entertain our campers such as live musicians, hypnotists, magicians and sports figures. At Saginaw, the campers have the opportunity to take trips out of camp for roller skating, movies, Hershey Park and the Aberdeen Ironbirds baseball game to celebrate the 4th of July.


Weekends at Saginaw feature an exciting and different schedule, giving our campers the chance for choice and relaxation. Saturday’s at Saginaw are known as “Super Saturdays” and are elective based, allowing campers to select the majority of their activities for the day. Saturday’s all have a theme (i.e. black and white, 80’s, tie dye or pro-sports) with prizes for the best dressed and most creative outfits. Sundays at Saginaw start with a late wake-up and include Big/Little day (this is when an older camper is paired with a younger camper and they spend time together), Water Carnivals, Photo and Video, and parent Visiting Days.

Two spectacular summer camp events are College Days and Color War. These two events bring our campers together in spirited competition. During College Days campers participate in events such as March Madness (basketball), Duck Pond (hockey), track and field, and soccer. The 3-day competition opens with a Saginaw favorite, the rope burn. Credits are accumulated throughout the games and each college is run by the Deans and Professors. Graduation Ceremony includes a cheer from the Freshmen (Juniors), a pennant from the Sophomores (Inters) and a mascot from the Seniors (Seniors).

cw songfest

Without a doubt, there is no activity more anticipated than Color War! This 5-day event held in the second half of the summer divides the camp into two teams representing the camp colors of Red and Blue. The beginning of Color War is a surprise (known as the break) as well as the themes. The competition stresses good sportsmanship as the campers participate in a wide range of activities including sports, swimming, and dance competitions. The event culminates with a Songfest and the revealing of the Color War murals.

friday night

Friday nights at camp include a traditional Shabbat dinner and a special tradition where the camp gets together for our Friday night service. Campers are involved in the service which centers on a unifying theme such as friendship or accepting others. Our service focuses on unifying the camp community rather than religion. We end our service by singing a song based on the Friday night theme and our alma mater.

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