Welcome to Camp 2018!

FINALLY! Sunday, June 24th…the day we have been waiting for ALL year, has come! All of our buses pulled in and all of our smiling campers arrived safe and sound. Immediately, campers were taken to their bunks to explore their new homes for the next few weeks. Campers hugged old friends and greeted new ones – soon not even being able to tell them apart.

The first week was packed with great activities. One of the favorites is our new Aerial Course, filled with high ropes and obstacles. One of our junior campers currently holds the course’s record by completing the entire course in under 3 minutes! On the first night, campers enjoyed being welcomed to camp with our annual Opening Night Show, where our Old Timers (campers who have camped here for 5 or more years) were honored with bright yellow shirts they have been repping around camp ever since. All divisions also had an opening campfire where s’mores were made, stories were shared, songs were sung, and lots of fun was had.

Some other evening activities that have taken place so far have been a whole camp dance, a flag football tournament (where the prize was a team trip to Dairy Queen), a bunk lip sync competition, an inflatable night filled with moon bounces and games galore, out-of-camp skating and movie trips, and even a Junior Boys overnight at our outdoor overnight site. On July 3rd, the entire camp went to the Aberdeen Ironbirds baseball game. Although we left the game early due to a rain delay, the campers enjoyed their time there with their hot dogs, ice cream, and new Ironbirds apparel. Our 11th grade campers went on their mystery trip where they went out to dinner and bowling.

Leagues have also started, where each camper is placed on a team to play sports daily against other teams in their divisions. It’s always fun to watch the campers play in some healthy competition against their friends. With a bit of a heat wave passing through camp, we have made sure to keep our campers cool with extra pool time and lots of water activities. Our Big Sister, Little Sister and Big Brother, Little Brother program has also begun. The campers in the Junior and Inter divisions are matched with a Senior camper and get to spend the entire day together. The pairs will play games, decorate camp, get some sweet treats, and spend the 4th of July together. We are now in the middle of College Days, where the camp is divided into two teams and is competing in different events against one another. The campers are having a great time – Go Army! Go Navy!

Here’s to another successful start to a Saginaw summer!