Staff Recruiting

One of our most important jobs in the off-season here at Saginaw is the hiring of our summer staff. We take this job very seriously because we know that the key to our programs running smoothly is to have great staff! We also know that having a diverse staff allows our campers to meet people from all walks of life – and that’s why we will (literally) go all over the world to make sure that we bring in only the best.

In January, Jay and Georgia headed to Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic to bring in amazing support staff. Jessica and I went to London and Manchester where we found many counselors and well-qualified specialists who are extremely excited to work at Saginaw. We also hired staff from Mexico, Israel, Australia and New Zealand. We’re thrilled to have such a well-rounded International staff this summer.

We also like to recruit counselors from all over the country. Adam Schwartzberg and I went to Indiana in February, where we made stops at Butler University, Indiana University and Purdue University. We hired many former staff back for another year, as well as some brand new people looking to help make our program better. Last week, Mike and I went to Temple University’s Tyler School of Art where we found some amazingly talented art staff that will be bringing new projects to our already well-rounded art program. We’ve also visited Muhlenberg College, Penn State, and Lockhaven University in Pennsylvania, as well as Salisbury University in Maryland. We’ve hired counselors from Ohio, Wisconsin, Georgia and even California!

One of our best places to find staff is actually pretty close to home – our long-time campers! This year, we’re happy to have over 20 former campers who will be working as counselors. Their knowledge and experience about Saginaw and its traditions is always a great addition to our staff.

We’re always looking for great counselors and specialists – if you know anyone that you think would make a great staff member at Saginaw, please have them apply at

It’s definitely been a busy hiring season for us at Saginaw – but we are extremely excited about the staff for the summer of 2013. I know we all can’t wait for the summer to finally get here!