Letter from Jordan Berger

The first time I had ever been away from home was when I left for Camp Saginaw in the summer of 2006. I was initially wary: What would I do without my parents? Would I be able to make any friends? What if I had a problem, would there be someone to help me? This was the classic anxiety of an 11-year-old arriving for camp. It was in stark contrast to my younger 9-year-old brother, who bounded off the bus upon arrival and onto the junior boys gaga court as if nothing had happened, and started playing with campers he just met for the first time as if they had been friends for years. But by the end of the summer, I had found a second home.

Over the course of my 6 years as a camper and 6 years (and still counting!) as a counselor, I have experienced many firsts. The first time I did a talent show in the Dell. The first time I participated in a medley relay, hit golf balls at a driving range, saw a rope burn, and made the decision “that’s enough of dessert for me.” In arguments over the size of area around the bed in Bunk 11, or how to best complete a set of given tasks at the adventure/ropes course, I had firsthand lessons in trustworthiness, respect, fairness, and citizenship, essential ingredients to a successful Saginaw summer. Camp Saginaw is full of firsts for every camper that has the opportunity to attend… some probably unfit for a letter to hundreds of alumni.

As a counselor, and now a member of the Herb Cohen Memorial Fund board, I humbly request your support so that future campers who don’t otherwise have the means, have the opportunity to share in our experience at Camp Saginaw. Since the foundation’s inception in 2001, we have given a total of 406 scholarships for kids to attend Saginaw. Additionally, we have donated support for children to have other camping experiences, including, among several: Variety Club, an organization that works to enrich the lives of children with disabilities, and Camp No Worries, a summer camp that serves as an oasis for children with cancer and their siblings to enjoy a camp without any worries.

Although I never met Herbie, his influence on the camp and dedication to campers endures and thrives. Through the Herb Cohen Memorial Fund, we continue to honor Herbie’s legacy by providing financial assistance for campers to have the opportunity to attend Camp Saginaw. We request your generous help to build on Herbie’s legacy, and to continue to touch the lives of hundreds of young people.

Warm regards,

Jordan Berger