Camp Saginaw has an extensive arts program. The art department is run by our Art Director and has approximately eighteen full-time instructors. These staff members are art teachers and art students who are passionate about teaching art to children. Looking into an Art Camp? Look no further – our art program rivals the area’s finest art camps.


The scope of our adventure program sets Camp Saginaw apart from other overnight camps. Looking for an adventure camp? Look no further – each activity listed below is taught by one of our dedicated sleep away camp specialists. These staff members are highly trained and many of them are certified in their specialty area. It is important that our campers have fun, but that they also learn something new while at Camp – the adventure programs are rich in learning opportunities.


Athletics at Saginaw are designed to teach skills, foster play and develop sportsmanship. Junior campers (1st to 5th grade) athletics emphasize skill development and game competition. Inter campers (6th to 7th grade) athletics emphasize mostly game competition with some focus on skill development. Senior campers (8th to 11th grade) primarily have game competition and play athletics at an increased level of intensity. Saginaw is proud to have two athletic directors – one for boys camp and one for girls camp. At Saginaw, we believe that athletics is an important part of the sleepaway camp experience.


Camp Saginaw’s waterfront is extensive. On our property, we have two pools as part of our aquatics complex, a lake and the Big Elk Creek. All waterfront areas are overseen by our waterfront director and there is a full staff of specialists working directly with our waterfront director. Many areas here are camper favorites, such as lake tubing and coed free swim. An additional benefit is that the waterfront provides campers with more opportunities to learn new skills, such as proper canoe paddling strokes and wake boarding.

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